Cute Hot Topic Guy

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On Saturday (I think it was Saturday at least) I went to the mall with a good friend of mine, and of course one of the stores we visited was my favorite. That one being Hot Topic. And I should mention now that I am usually really picky about guys. Like maybe it is all those fake relationships I conjure up in my head with celebrity guys . . . (Alexander Skarsgard is totally my boyfriend right now xD)

Anywaaaayss, we went into Hot Topic and the greeter was SO cute! He was really nice too. Now I really… Really want to go to Hot Topic again. I am not sure why, but the workers at my Hot Topic change a lot. There are like 3 or 4 that have been there for quite a while (and actually recognize me xD) but the rest all are there for a short while, then they’re not. It’s always the cute workers that are the ones that leave 😦 . I need to go back and see this greeter guy, just in case he isn’t a long term employee!! Maybe I won’t be forever alone! xD A girl can dream!


Also, I am not quite sure why, but I really want to work at Hollister. Like really fucking bad. I just like the setting of the store, how it’s all dark and kind of like a surf shack. Just cool. The local Hollister store where I live is kind of like a maze, it is just a bunch of turning areas and so many places you can walk through and shit. Super cool haha. Then again, I’ve never been to another Hollister so I am not sure if they are like that too haha.

New Goal: Lose some weight so I don’t look like a pregnant teen, and get a fucking job at Hollister.


Alright guys… that’s all I can really think of for now.


Till next time,



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Waiting sucks!

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Oh good god. True Blood is my love.  I finally watched one of the “Waiting Sucks” promos, and now I honestly want to cry. I have a count down on my phone, and as I type this (at 9:58 PM my time) we have 8 weeks, 2 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes, and 33 seconds.  It’s just too much D:


Eric is just way too sexy, for starts, and actually a lot of the guys are pretty hot in that. I can only think of a few that I don’t find attractive. Also, is it weird that the promos where they pan through the set and have all the memories in just audio, make me want to cry? It also makes me wonder if the slogan “you can’t escape your past” has anything to do with the upcoming season, considering they showed Steve Newlin, as a vampire, in the last season. And that they implied Russell Edgington’s return. Season 5 is gonna be good.


Anyway, fangirl moment over. Here’s the video promo I watched. Hot damn I really can’t wait.

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People I Would Fuck

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Hey wordpress, obviously I have been a bad blogger and I haven’t posted in forever. I am so sorry D:

Anyways, I was watching a youtube video by Jenna Marbles called “People I Would Fuck.” (I’ll link that below, wordpress is being a bitch right now).  and this video is what inspired this current blog post. I am going to make a list of people (more so celebrities) that I would totally fuck. Here it goes.


1. Adam Lambert

  All day, Any day. Seriously. I know he is gay, but if he ever wants to sample some female, I will be a willing donor.


2. Alexander Skarsgård

Who wouldn’t want to jump that? Hot damn.


3. Lee Joon

I would have his Asian babies any day.


4. Evan Rachel Wood

Ever since I saw her on True Blood… damn. And I’m not generally attracted to redheads.


5. Alex Pettyfer

I wouldn’t mind hearing him purr my name in his British accent.


5. Lady Gaga

She is just sexy… really fucking sexy. And something about her screams “I am awesome in bed!”


Anyways, that is my list. I really could go on forever (celebrities are so sexy o3o) but I don’t want to look like a whore xD  I have a folder on my laptop for my desktop background slideshow, and every sexy picture I find that is of a celebrity I love, I put it in there.


Until next time,

~Alexandrite ❤

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