Passive Aggresive Messages to Facebook

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Hello everyone! So, this really is a shitty update. It really is. But anyways, today I was on facebook, and this one page I had liked (obviously unliked) posted some really offensive material, and for some reason it just really pissed me off. So, I did post a reasonable reply to what they had said, but it only got made fun of and ignored. So needless to say, not much happened. Then the admin continued to tell people to kill themselves and encourage horrible harassment and what not. That was when I decided to report them to the Facebook staff and hope for deletion of the page, or at least the admin losing publishing rights for a bit. Deleting the page seems a bit harsh.


  After waiting like, 2 hours, I got a reply from the facebook staff saying they found nothing wrong with the page (even though I read the terms, and the post definitely went against them). So being pissed off again, I wrote a long winded and detailed reason why I was dissatisfied with their reporting service. For those of you who have never reported something to Facebook, they will give you the option to give feedback on their reporting protocol and whatnot.

  Here is what I said to them:

Okay, so the page I reported. The admin DID delete the post saying if anyone is mad about anything, they should kill themselves. I do believe that violates the self harm section. Then the user also posted the phone number of some person that was on the opposing side of what they had said (I will refer to that in a bit) and he/she was encouraging the page’s likers to call/text/harass the person who owns the number. That breaks the bullying and harassment section in the rights. The image that started this all, was an image that called the band BOTDF (Blood on The Dance Floor) horrible, gay, and faggots. I do believe using ‘gay’ and the word ‘faggots’ is against the part of the rules that mention discrimination against orientation.

 Now, I don’t mean any disrespect towards Facebook or it’s staff, but obviously I was really offended by their posting. The whole page was being really horrible, and I wouldn’t be shocked if some people had taken things too seriously and harmed themselves. After all, the band is really popular with a large mass of teenagers that harm themselves due to distress and depression.

 I am probably taking this too seriously. But I don’t know.. I was just thinking that maybe the page doesn’t have to be deleted. Maybe the admin could lose publishing rights for some time. I just feel like the way this person acts towards people isn’t exactly healthy, and some of it probably not legal as far as human rights go. Again, probably overreacting. But for some reason the whole thing really bothered me.

 Thank you for reading, and I am sorry for starting so much about this. I’ll understand if no action is taken, but I am generally worried for the well being of some of the people who liked that page.


  I ended up not sending it, because after long thought I realized it really wasn’t worth making a big deal over. Yes, the page did say some hateful things. But did I really want to churn the waters even more? Ultimately, I was afraid that it would turn into one of those huge ordeals that somehow makes it’s way to the news. I know that is highly unlikely, but hey, you never know. This page has almost 200k likes, and I think something like that being shut down could easily stir up some publicity.

   I do want to be famous, yes. But I don’t want to be known as the girl who shut down a mega page on Facebook. No way. Besides, I was probably making it out to be a bigger deal than it already was.


  As always, I am open to everyone’s input and opinions. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think on the whole ordeal!

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