I am High School’s bitch.

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Seriously. It’s all I have time for anymore. I get up at 6am so I can get all my morning duties done before I run off to get to school before the bell rings at 8:00am. I fight the invisible creatures of sleep that are working to pull down my eye lids and force me into surrendering to sleep. As much as I don’t want to, I focus in class and get that classwork done. Oh hey, here is a packet that is due tomorrow. Happy day. I get one of those in the next class too! Oh and it turns out that tomorrow we have a pop quiz in Algebra II, time to get 200 book problems to study for this thing.


I get home at 3:30pm and the first thing I see is the comfortable bed that lays in my room. I lay down after changing into my pajamas (I hate wearing a bra and jeans at home…. so uncomfortable) and once again those little creatures of sleep beckon me to the dark side.

“Come to the dark side! We have sleep!” They call. I surrender.


I wake up later and glance at the clock to see it is 7pm. Shit, I was supposed to be doing my homework. The warm blanket is curled around my body, and my head rests lazily on the pillow that supports my head, its lovely towel fabric pillow case feels lovely against my face. I force myself to get out of bed and work on that pile of homework that has been looming over my head since early that day. By the time I am done, it is 11pm and some how those few hours of sleep from earlier did nothing to keep me from being tired now. Once again I surrender to sleep, knowing that the routine will repeat itself the next day.


That is my schedule. And that is also the reason that I haven’t posted on word press in quite some time. I have SO much to post about, yet I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Sure I could do it on the weekends, but I always forget because of Plants Vs. Zombies. That ridiculously addictive game makes me sit and veg out all weekend until Sunday, when another pile of homework needs to be done. My teachers just love to assign homework, haven’t you noticed? Anyways, I am going to try and post more soon, I actually have a post that I am working on in my drafts, I will try and get that posted some time soon.


So, please hold still and keep in mind that I am not gone forever, and never will be. Thank you for anyone who is still paying attention to my posts (I doubt it). I would love to get some comments by the way… that would be super cool! It might give me more motivation to update.




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