Passive Aggresive Messages to Facebook

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Hello everyone! So, this really is a shitty update. It really is. But anyways, today I was on facebook, and this one page I had liked (obviously unliked) posted some really offensive material, and for some reason it just really pissed me off. So, I did post a reasonable reply to what they had said, but it only got made fun of and ignored. So needless to say, not much happened. Then the admin continued to tell people to kill themselves and encourage horrible harassment and what not. That was when I decided to report them to the Facebook staff and hope for deletion of the page, or at least the admin losing publishing rights for a bit. Deleting the page seems a bit harsh.


  After waiting like, 2 hours, I got a reply from the facebook staff saying they found nothing wrong with the page (even though I read the terms, and the post definitely went against them). So being pissed off again, I wrote a long winded and detailed reason why I was dissatisfied with their reporting service. For those of you who have never reported something to Facebook, they will give you the option to give feedback on their reporting protocol and whatnot.

  Here is what I said to them:

Okay, so the page I reported. The admin DID delete the post saying if anyone is mad about anything, they should kill themselves. I do believe that violates the self harm section. Then the user also posted the phone number of some person that was on the opposing side of what they had said (I will refer to that in a bit) and he/she was encouraging the page’s likers to call/text/harass the person who owns the number. That breaks the bullying and harassment section in the rights. The image that started this all, was an image that called the band BOTDF (Blood on The Dance Floor) horrible, gay, and faggots. I do believe using ‘gay’ and the word ‘faggots’ is against the part of the rules that mention discrimination against orientation.

 Now, I don’t mean any disrespect towards Facebook or it’s staff, but obviously I was really offended by their posting. The whole page was being really horrible, and I wouldn’t be shocked if some people had taken things too seriously and harmed themselves. After all, the band is really popular with a large mass of teenagers that harm themselves due to distress and depression.

 I am probably taking this too seriously. But I don’t know.. I was just thinking that maybe the page doesn’t have to be deleted. Maybe the admin could lose publishing rights for some time. I just feel like the way this person acts towards people isn’t exactly healthy, and some of it probably not legal as far as human rights go. Again, probably overreacting. But for some reason the whole thing really bothered me.

 Thank you for reading, and I am sorry for starting so much about this. I’ll understand if no action is taken, but I am generally worried for the well being of some of the people who liked that page.


  I ended up not sending it, because after long thought I realized it really wasn’t worth making a big deal over. Yes, the page did say some hateful things. But did I really want to churn the waters even more? Ultimately, I was afraid that it would turn into one of those huge ordeals that somehow makes it’s way to the news. I know that is highly unlikely, but hey, you never know. This page has almost 200k likes, and I think something like that being shut down could easily stir up some publicity.

   I do want to be famous, yes. But I don’t want to be known as the girl who shut down a mega page on Facebook. No way. Besides, I was probably making it out to be a bigger deal than it already was.


  As always, I am open to everyone’s input and opinions. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think on the whole ordeal!

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Things I See on Facebook That Piss Me Off.

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Hey wordpress, I am back! I really haven’t had anything to blog about, until now that is.  Recently my favorite website ( experienced a really bad database crash that has left it down for the whole weekend. Thankfully it should be up some time today thanks to the wonderful staff of Subeta and the owner Keith; all of them spending countless hours away from sleep just to bring the website back. Anyways,  I have been sadly bored so I spent more time on Facebook than I usually do. And maybe this is my inner PMS bitch coming out around this time of the month, but my facebook friends are really annoying. I have an urge to make a long note on there pointing out things that specifically piss me off and tagging all the offenders in it, but I won’t. Because everyone would take it way out of proportion and take offense, even though none was really intended, I would just be pointing out what bothers me and why. So I will be mature and just list the things here, and kindly leave names out of this.


  • Changing Room Shots – These are so cliche it makes me want to cry. I would be shocked if anyone who has ever spent more than an hour a day on facebook hasn’t seen a picture like this. If you have, you know what I am talking about. A girl, usually alone (and usually “popular”), but sometimes with her friends, will put on the most expensive clothes she can find in whatever store she is in, then she will whip out her phone in the changing rooms, place one hand on her hip, position her body to be at an angle from the mirror, and cock her head as she snaps a picture and instantly loads it to facebook. I honestly don’t see the novelty in this picture… it is a pose that a majority of girls on facebook have used at least a hundred times…. and I don’t really care to see that you put on clothes that you would never be able to afford. It doesn’t make you seem more special or rich, we all know you put the designer clothes back on the rack and didn’t buy them. I have a few things by Vera Wang that I have gotten from relatives for Christmas, and while I feel stylish when wearing them; I don’t feel some entitlement just because I have a scrap of fabric on my back that some woman designed because society considers her a high class designer.
  • Boob shots – Don’t get me wrong, I love boobs. But it doesn’t mean I want to see a picture of your boobs sitting right above a picture of my new baby cousin on the main facebook page. This is another form of pose girls like to use to get attention. This one, where they hold the camera out while they bend over in a tank top or V-neck so that you can see 90% of their breasts. That smile on your face shows that you know damned well that boys are gonna be rubbing themselves to that, while others are going to be sitting there realizing that most of your pictures are the same exact pose just with different locations and different clothes. Really.
  • Streeeetcchinnggnaammmesss<3 – This is another thing that get’s me. I see this all the time. Whenever a girl is going to go hang out with one of her friends she feels the need to post it the way every other girl expresses it. They don’t say “Excited to hang out with Cindy today!” or “I cant wait to see my best friend Linda!”… oh no. They say “Liiiinnndaaa<3” or “Hangin with the bestfraaandd<3” The heart is necessary for some reason. Stretching a name or word should be used in very… VERY rare instances. If you are lucky you will pull it off without annoying anyone, but when most of your statuses are stretched words it just irks people.
  • Very Vague and Depressed Statuses  – “Sigh.. of course this would happen to me.” You work to strike curiosity  and worry in us (because we care about you) so we ask you whats wrong, and if you are okay. Only to get a reply that says “Oh I am fine. *sigh*” or “I can’t talk about it.” and “I don’t want to burden you guys with my problems.” . If any of that was the case, then why the fuck did you post that status in the first place? I have stopped asking people if they are okay all together when they post statuses like that because I know it’s just a ploy for attention. If I wanted attention I would probably go that route. I actually have posted a status like that, but when people asked what was wrong I told them, because I actually was sad and I wasn’t quite sure how to get someone to talk to. You won’t hear “I don’t want to talk about it.” from me.
  • Cindy is now Married to Linda – Cindy is best friends with Linda in hypothetical people land (Do you really think I would use the real names of my friends on facebook?). So of course they want to be known as a married couple on facebook. Not sure why this annoys me, but it just seems really pointless. Is it just me or does it feel like that is chasing away possible boyfriends because they don’t want to be below the girls best friend (thats how I would feel if I were going to date a girl who had that as her relationship status)


Anyways, I can’t think of anything else to rant about really. I am sure there is more.. but stalking facebook hasn’t brought anything up yet. Also, I really hope I don’t offend anyone, that isn’t the intent behind this. I am just merely getting things off my back without starting a huge facebook drama right before the first day of school.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you see on facebook that bothers you. I am open for all opinions!

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