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Dentists. I hate dentists, everything about their offices bother me.

The way they decorate the lobby to be so pretty and wonderful, with the gorgeous aquarium that is in every other dentist office you’ll ever visit in your life. It’s like a lure to make you come in and think “Oh, this is lovely. . . I’ll be fine.” And then the next minute you have a dentist looking you in the eyes giving you a look that would make you think he is trying to sweetly tell you that the world is ending in a few minutes.

So you have a few cavities, and you think “Did I really not do a good job brushing?” And then when he explains to you how to correctly brush your teeth, you come to realize that for the past year or so you hadn’t been brushing your teeth correctly.

Anyways, in a few days I have to sit for 2 hours while my dentist drills away at a few of my teeth and do what dentists do. And the saddest part of the story is that I am fine with sitting for two hours, I am fine with getting drilled, the sound of the drill isn’t the best; but not unmanageable. I am not looking forward to the numbing solution they are gonna have to inject into my mouth. I hate the feeling of the needle, and the feeling of the injection itself… and is it normal for your cheek to tingle and burn when it is wearing off? But the feeling of it when it is finally gone and you have complete feeling back… is wonderful!!

Well… hopefully I’ll survive. I’ll keep you all updated for the next few days.




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